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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 9|No 6|February|2000


by Jamie McKenzie
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Horizon Issues


These issues were first presented as part of an extended professional development course for Canter & Associates on how to make use of the Internet and other electronic resources to support the classroom. For more information on how to order this program combining extensive video, discussion, and online learning activities, click here.

We can expect plenty of change during the next decade and the next century.

Some of this change will be good for teachers and students. Other changes may prove disappointing, disheartening and distracting.

One thing we know is that looking ahead to think about such changes may reduce "future shock" and can give us an edge. We may prepare for change. We can make ready. We may build our skills.

The most dangerous thing is to steer by automatic pilot or to keep doing what we have always done. Sailing blindly into the future can lead to shipwrecks and disappointment. Taking the stance of an ostrich may leave us rear-ended.

Click on any of the issues below to read about it. Which projection do you think is most likely? Which issue is most important? Which possibility is most promising? Which prediction is most threatening? What can you do to be prepared for each?


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