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Note: This list was prepared by a lay person (cancer patient) without medical credentials to point patients and doctors to sites on the Internet which might provide useful information to guide thinking and planning about treatment decisions. The compiler of this list can and does make no claims or assurances regarding the reliability or accuracy of any of the information found at any of these sites. While the compiler has an advanced degree in research and has devoted his career to studying the ways that people explore difficult questions, he is not in a position to evaluate the relative merits of information found at the American Cancer Society vs. the National Cancer Institute.
In fact, he has found that some information and advice at some of these sites conflicts with that found at others. Those who consult these sources must use discretion and exercise caution when interpreting what they find. The best course is to maintain a close working relationship with a trusted medical professional to help sort through these complex issues.
Jamie McKenzie provides a 90 minute presentation for cancer doctors and/or patients which is meant to help them to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the new information available on the Internet. For more information, go to this page.

Prepared by Jamie McKenzie, Ed.D.
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