The scofflaw

Real men
He scoffed
Like me
Are strong
And tough
Donít wear masks
Use sunscreen
Or wash our hands
Even after we pee

Real men
He bragged
Donít get sick
Have amazing physiques
And fear nothing
No flu
No plague
No measles
And no Corona

Real men go dancing
Cheek to cheek
With real girls
Wild and free
They toss caution to the wind
Flip off the Grim Reaper
And line up at the bar
Shoulder to shoulder
For one more Jim Beam

Real men
He coughed
Have no trouble breathing
Donít get fevers
And have spines
And courage
Theyíre not afraid
Of thunder storms
Or some puny virus

Real men
He whispered
Do not get tested
Do not ride in ambulances
Do not go to hospitals
And do not use ventilators

But real men
Do get COVID
After all
They suddenly have trouble breathing
They become ill
And sicken
Being mortal
They gasp for air
Clutch to life
Flailing about
They are consumed by fever
And choked by that puny virus
They insulted
Until they die
At home
With their boots on
As Vanity
Cometh before their fall

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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