The running of the bulls

I don’t believe in heaven or hell
Except maybe here on earth
When a virus strikes
A plague descends
And Satan chuckles
The stock market drops
Unemployment soars
And ventilators, masks and protective gear are all
In short supply
While leaders dither
A President declares victory
“Mission accomplished”
“Happy Easter!”
“Raring to go!”
And people keep dying
More and more each day
The hospitals overwhelmed
The virus still spreading
Ignoring his piece of fiction

We are part and parcel of a greater whole
Inextricably drawn together
Irrevocably interconnected
We are caught in the grand scheme of things
Until death do us part
For better or for worse
Married by circumstance
We stay home
Avoid others
And wear masks
To hide our fear
Keeping the Grim Reaper
At bay
We hope
We pray
We beseech

But some ignore the warnings
Hold Corona parties
And dare the virus to strike them dead
As if this were Pamplona
The running of the bulls
And a chance to prove courage
In the face of danger
Or is it ignorance
In the face of science?
Proclaiming victory
As the casualties mount

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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