Bad Business

It was a bad business
All around
This Lufthansa

It was unforgivable
And abusive
Agreeing to fly us home
Selling us two seats
Then suddenly
Without warning
Blocking us
Stranding us
And breaking the contract
Citing a policy that did not exist

It was bad business
To turn us away
Mark us as no shows
And show no concern
No care
And no regret

It was bad business
To circle the wagons
Throw their reservations agents under the bus
Pass a new pet policy after the fact
And defend the breach of contract
With disingenuous

And so they lost my business
The money for two seats then
And six flights since
As well as all flights in the future
As I would rather walk
Take a train
Or fly on United
Than fly
Ever again
With them

It was a bad business
All around
And they should be ashamed

© Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

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