Launching Student Investigations


 Part One  Planning a Voyage into Cyberspace
 Part Two  After the Planning - The Hunt
 Part Three  More Great Hunting
 Part Four  Creating Needles from Haystacks
 Part Five  Regrouping Research to Make Sense
 Part Six  From Information to Insight to Persuasion

The arrival of new information technologies and a changing information landscape suggests the need for a very different approach to student research in schools. Mere "gathering" of facts and information does little to prepare students for their futures. In a time of Info-Glut, topical research - "go find out about China" - becomes an absurd, mind-numbing exercise in neo-plagiarism and factoid collection.

In 1995, I wrote a series of six articles for Technology Connection which described a different kind of research process, stage by state. These articles are offered here in an updated version.


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