From Now On

Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995


Scan the horizon

Too many organizations step into the future with their eyes on the ground, one step at a time. The trick is to lift the organizational eyes beyond the horizon and then keep on swiveling like the turret of a tank scanning all 360 degrees to figure out what lies ahead, behind and to the flank.

Surprise may arrive from any quarter. Usually it pops up where we would least expect it. Healthy organizations devote a good deal of time to wondering and watching. They mount the crow's nest and try to look past the horizon. They seek perspective. They step outside the normal order. They peek over the walls of tradition.

"The Art of the Long View" by Peter Schwartz (New York, Doubleday, 1991) provides a superb course in scenario building for those who wish to sharpen their skills in this area.

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