From Now On

Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995


Rock the boat

If you are not making your own waves, you probably will not catch any great ones. Organizations with total balance are probably so stable as to settle into inertia and stasis. They resist outside pressures for change and fail to adapt as messages arrive indicating that it is "time to get a move on."

Most organizations plan for the use of new technologies in ways that maintain the status quo and waste the potential of the new tools. Such planning is often wrong-headed and wasteful. But it is also the pride and joy of at least one leader or group who think they are doing great things. There are tremendous risks associated with challenging such thinkng and planning, not the least of which is losing one's job, home, reputation and e-mail.

The wise leader rocks the boat without swamping the boat or getting too close to the edge.

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