From Now On

Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995


Ask lots of questions

Questioning is heroic, according to Catford and Ray in "The Path of the Everyday Hero." It is one of the hero's four main skills, they claim.

For more on this topic . . . Taming the Minotaur: Tales of Heroism, Wizardry, and Courage in the Life of Paradigm Shifters

"It may be heroic," Socrates might point out, "but it may also be fatal."

Some bosses, some organizations and some groups demand unquestioning loyalty, support and compliance. "Get with the program!" they urge.

There once was an emperor who paraded around naked for a long time because no one dared ask a simple question or challenge the fraud of the tailors.

Questions may be the most powerful technology at the disposal of humans. They guide our search for understanding. They allow us to fashion new meanings, making sense out of non-sense, order out of chaos, and rhyme out of reason. Questions help us tear apart the old to build the new. Questions are the answer!

Encouraging Student Questioning: The Great Toolkit

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