From Now On

Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995


Join, join, join Schools (and most other organizations) have long been isolated and cut off from breaking new developments. They have been "trailing edge." Caught in eddies. Quiet pools away from the main stream. Often stagnant.

One way to beat this is to join organizations you would not ordinarily join to see how those people think about the important questions of life.

Listservs are especially good ways to keep aware of new developments, even if one deletes 97 per cent of the messages. Three hundred messages daily! Perhaps one per week is a diamond? That single message may give you the perfect opening for a major grant. It may alert you to a terrible new virus. It may provide a draft BOE policy so polished it saves you four days of laborious drafting.

Listservs and newsgroups keep us truly "wired" to change and the next series of waves headed toward shore. It pays to join more than you can handle and then install intelligent agents to do the sorting for you.

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