Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995

    Photograph ©1995 Tom Servais, All rights reserved.

    Innovations come at us like great, crashing rollers. The pace of change is hectic. Innovation is rampant and chaotic. How do we stay on top? How do we ride these waves and keep abreast of all that is new?

    Leading organizations forward during these times requires a risk-taking, forward-leaning style which is the antithesis of bureaucratic, status-quo maintenance and management.

    "Leading Edge" fails to capture the challenging, questioning spirit required.

    "Bleeding Edge" is entirely too negative and too limited a metaphor.

    "Breaking Edge" cuts in many directions. The leader is riding a wave. The leader is breaking through. The leader is challenging and questioning. The leader is out in front and on top.

    How do teachers and library media specialists and technology coordinators and tech coaches and directors manage this feat? This article offers more than a dozen strategies to see the waves coming and catch rides on the very best of them.

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