Vol 5 . . . No 2 . . . October, 1995

Keep bad company*

This advice does not mean you should go out and find hoodlums and derelicts and drug addicts to replace your current friends. Nothing at all so crazy. It does mean that at least some of your friends, contacts and team-mates better have at least a touch of crazy thinking or diversity in their opinions, life-styles and behaviors. At least some should be willing to "let it rip" a bit while skiing or biking or swimming in the surf.

All groups need solid citizens, but invention tends to come from the risk-takers, the gamblers, the jokers and the fools. If you surround yourself with strait-laced, somber fellows, you are limiting the potential for outrageously good new ideas.

*Bad Company is the name of a song performed by the Eagles. It is also the name of a band which performs that song.

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