Vol 5 . . . No 3 . . . November, 1995


There are many different words for rubbish, according to Roget's Thesaurus. How many have you encountered while conducting research on the WWW?

refuse, trash, garbage, rubbish, load of old rubbish, stuff
waste, lumber, junk, scrap, litter
spoilage, wastage, bilge, waste products, wastepaper, mullock
scourings, sweepings, shavings, LEAVINGS
chaff, husks, bran
scraps, bits
offal, carrion
dust, muck, debris, slag, clinker, dross, scoria, scum, DIRT
peel, orange peel, banana peel, deadwood, stubble, weeds, tares
odds and ends, bits and pieces, rags and bones, old clothes, cast-offs
reject, throw-out
rubbish heap, garbage dump, garbage pile, slag heap, dump

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