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First Things First

Chapter Three - "Future Perfect Planning" - offers a brief amalgam of the best strategies of such thinkers as applied to technology planning.

Translating learning models into daily practice requires a process that is somewhat analogous to seeding a cloud to create rain. The district provides the resources to enable change, but individual teachers must transform the concepts and strategies suggested by the models into actual lessons that will persist day after day.

Cloud seeding will resume at Durango Mountain Resort this winter after a 15-year hiatus.

Beginning Nov. 1, clouds over the upper Hermosa Creek drainage will be laced with minute particles of silver iodide shot from generators on the ground. With any luck, the seeding will produce the 120-percent to 160-percent snowfall that occurred when the ski area participated in a similar program in the late 1970s through 1985.

Purgatory to start seeding clouds
Sept. 15, 2000
By Tom Sluis
Durango Herald Staff Writer

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