Vol 5|No 5|March/April|1996

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Filtering & Internet Child Safety Information

Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace
Protecting Our Innocents An article proposing that authors classify and label their Web materials so users will know what kinds of material they will find.
Notes, Advice and Warnings
Child Safety on the Information Highway
Taking Charge of Your TV: A Guide to Critical Viewing for Parents and Children. "Developed by THE FAMILY & COMMUNITY CRITICAL VIEWING PROJECT, a partnership of the National Parent Teacher Association, the National Cable Television Association, and Cable in the Classroom, that helps families make better choices in the TV programs they watch and to improve the way they watch those programs."

Parenting Information

The National Parenting Center "Founded in July of 1989, The National Parenting Center (TNPC) has become one of America's foremost parenting information services. Dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidence from nine of the world's most reknowned child-rearing authorities, The National Parenting Center invites parents to expand their parenting skills and strengths."
The CyberMom Dot Com A site for Moms with Modems. Good resources. Warning: large, slow graphics!
Parenting: PARENTS PLACE.COM This site "offers articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby, adolescence, parenting twins, step-parenting, single parenting, children's health and education, family activities, and more. PLUS, we offer opportunities for parenting dialog and for shopping."
WinonaNet: Family: Parents' links Computers and the Media | Parenting Resources | Children and Learning Safety Issues
Lisa Wilberding's Home Page A list of good sites: Pregnancy & Childbirth -- Babies On The Web -- Moms & Dads -- Breastfeeding Resources -- Medical Resources -- Commercial Resources For Parenting -- Legal Issues & Parenting -- General Parenting Resources -- Kids & The Internet -- Abuse & Prevention -- Children With Special Needs
Parenting An extensive list of parenting resources provided by "Moms at Home."
TRACY'S PARENTING HOME PAGE A young mother has collected good sites on Parents - Kids - Books - Education - Toys - Health - Safety & Vacation Sites.
Other Cool Sites A list of parenting sites sponsored by SAFE-T-CHILD, Inc. - a company which markets products to teach children how to deal with dangers and threats of various kinds.
Interesting Places for Parents Unlike most lists, this one is extremely well annotated by Stephen Savitzky. He also includes some excellent advice to parents on how to involve children with the Net.
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Children
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Families:Parenting


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