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 From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

Vol 9|No 7|March|2000


Stretchability allows the scanning of ideas and segments across pages of text.

How easily can our eyes jump from one section to another?

What happens differently when we hold pages in our hands?

Why is scrolling different?

If you prefer reading on the screen over reading paper pages, I would love to read e-mail explaining your top 2-3 reasons.

Conversely, if you prefer reading paper pages over reading on the screen, I would love to read e-mail explaining your top 2-3 reasons.




Printed books offer opportunities to check connections between separate sections by turning pages. It is often easier to "stretch" one's eyes and mind back to previous paragraphs with paper books and print outs of articles.

For several years I have been asking members of my audiences how many of them print out articles from this journal before reading them. Surprisingly, some 80 per cent or more indicate they prefer reading with paper. Even though I have taken great pains to format these articles for reading on screen, paper still wins out.


In trying to understand this phenomenon, I have asked audiences why they prefer paper and they have identified stretchability as a major attraction to paper.


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