Site-Based Decision-Making

Appendix D - Diagnosis of Team Building Needs

In order to determine what kinds of growth should be planned for a team, the following two page survey can be employed to assess the current status of group behaviors after viewing "First Ascent" from Pyramid Films (213)828-7577. After individuals have completed the survey, group results should be discussed in order to identify the 3-4 strategies the group wishes to emphasize as it proceeds during the next six months. The process should be repeated every six months to maintain growth.

Desirable Team Strategies

for Tough Challenges

Indicate how frequently each of the following behaviors is practiced by your team at present by rating each one from 4 to 1.

4 = typical 3 = occasional 2 = rare 1 = never


___ Establish a clear goal

___ Plan in advance

___ Build commitment


___ Exchange information frequently

___ Visualize success

___ Build rapport


___ Assess strengths and weaknesses

___ Practice skills in advance

___ Develop areas needing attention

___ Learn in stages

___ Learn skills in simulation

___ Train together

___ Develop stamina

___ Stick with it


___ Concentrate on challenge

___ Discuss options

___ Ask for suggestions

___ Listen

___ Modify strategies to fit conditions

___ Check safety of team mate

___ Communicate frequently

___ Persevere


___ Encourage team mate

___ Retreat and regroup

___ Provide emotional support

___ Ask for emotional support

___ Ask for assistance

___ Take turns with tough challenges

___ Celebrate accomplishments


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