Site-Based Decision-Making

Appendix B - Planning for the Perils

This sheet is intended to involve school councils in developing plans to avoid the perils encountered by others who have tried to implement site-based management. After discussing the meaning and potential risk of each peril, the council should identify strategies which might be incorporated into the school action plan which would reduce the risk of encountering that peril.

Potential Problem ------------------ Possible Strategy

Lack of powerful
educational idea

Process rather
than progress

High frustration


Denial of problems

No guarantees

Competing priorities

Change is threatening

High time demands

Presumed waste of time

Resistance to change



Role confusion

Improper balance

Tyranny of majority


Unprepared and
untrained participants

Lack of
responsiveness (buy-in)

Conflict with regulations
and mandates

Budget restrictions

Insufficient resources
(money, time, training,
ideas, research, etc.)

Empowerment without

Shared decision-making
vs. authority

Costs (personnel,
training, etc.)

Paradigm Clash:
traditions vs. innovation

Delegation vs.


Hard work

Implementation dip

Inevitable conflict


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