Power Learning

Table of Contents


Chapter One - The Student as Thinker, Researcher and Inventor

I. The Passing of Smokestack Education
II. The Advent of Power Learning

Chapter Two - Real Time Research and the Media Center as Info Central

I. Smokestack Research
II. Info Central - Tomorrow's Library Today

Chapter Three - High Tech Social Studies

I. Charting a Course: Social Studies for the 21st Century
II. Mining the Mountain - Combating Info-glut, Info-tactics
and Info-paralysis
III. Traveling the Electronic Highway
IV. Micro-worlds, Tele-Presence, and Virtual Reality ?

Chapter Four - High Tech Math and Science

I. Models, Systems, Simulation and Statistical Inference
II. Traveling the Electronic Highway
III. Opening the Information Window: The Play is the Thing
IV. Learning Teams
V. Seeing is Believing (and Understanding)

Chapter Five - High Tech English

I. What It Now Means to Read
II. Implications for Schools
III. What It Means to Write
IV. What It Means to Communicate

Chapter Six - High Tech Arts

I. Picture This - Imagine That
II. Variations on a Theme
III. The Play's the Thing
IV. A Note of Caution



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