Photographs from McKenzie Speaking Tour to Australia in May '98

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Thanks to sponsorship from Charles Sturt University, I was treated to an extraordinary visit to six different communities in Australia . . .

Sydney, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, and Canberra

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 Harbour Bridge
 Opera House & ferry
 Facade of older building
 Reaching to the sky
 Old and New
 Surf to the South
 Riding the Wave
 Gulls Waiting
 City View 1
 City View 2
 City View 3
 City View 4
 City View 5
 Museum of Sydney
 Museum of Sydney
 Statue & Bird in Botannical Gardens
 Ibis at Poolside
 Pigeon Staring
 Pals on Field Trip
 Great Place to Read
 Class Field Trip
 Flying Fox? Where?
 Flying Fox Here
 Fresh Fruit
 All the news
 Circular Quay

Alice Springs

 Changing Planes at Ayer's Rock
 Desert Park
Residential Neighborhood
 Residential Neighborhood
 Sunrise 1
 Sunrise 2
 Sunrise 3
 Sunrise 4


 Crawfish Boats
  Crawfish Boats
 Hotel by Harbor
 Town Hall

 While there, I spoke with teachers, teacher librarians and school administrators who were full of spirit and enthusiasm about the new possibilities coming to schools with networked information. They were also vocal in their commitment to information literacy and robust professional development. Like many in North America, they have become wary of politicians and others who push hardware without clear purpose or a focus upon learning.

I was repeatedly impressed by the "forward lean" with which the Australians have greeted the challenges of the Information Age.

The photographs above were snapped in between speeches and workshops in those rare moments when I might step off the tour and gaze about. They are a somewhat random sample of life in Australia as seen through a visitor's eyes. I hope that they will provide students in other lands with free photos that might be useful as they study about OZ.

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Other drawings and graphics are by Jamie McKenzie.

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