Scientific Literacy in the Early Years

Activity 2 - Scientific Literacy as Defined by Washington

The purpose of this workshop is to broaden, deepen and enrich your understanding of the phrase "scientific literacy" while offering some thoughts about how you might nurture its growth in your classroom, whether you teach 4 year-olds or 10 year-olds.

The State of Washington has strong feelings about "scientific literacy," as is shown by this quotation.

Proficiency on the Science WASL indicates a student is literate in science.

In this activity, you will take a quick look at what a student must understand, feel and be able to do according to the Core Science Concepts and 3 Science EALRs and consider whether or not you are content to define "scientific literacy" in that way.

These expectations are further explained at 2007 Science GLEs with WASL Evidences of Learning document at

As you consider the children with whom you work, are you content with the State's definition of scientific literacy?

What, if anything, is missing? Make a list with your partner.

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