Disclosure of Corporate Clients
and Potential Conflicts of Interest

From the beginning of From Now On, I have made it a policy to accept no sponsorships or advertising. I value the journalistic independence this policy supports. During 2005, I added Google ads to my sites while clarifying that placement of these ads in no way implies endorsement of those products.

In these days of extensive marketing to schools, it is tempting to take sponsorship and consulting business from the many vendors wishing to influence school purchases, but I will continue a no sponsors policy for as long as possible.

As for corporate clients, I have accepted some speaking or consulting work from Apple Computer (none since 1993) and from Electric Library. I have written on a paid basis and done keynotes for Classroom Connect. I have written on a paid basis for eSchool News and for several other journals. From Now On participates in an Amazon.Com partnership program which pays about $125 per quarter for books bought as a result of readers clicking on an Amazon URL.

I have agreements with the following companies to distribute my books: Linworth Publishing, Library Media Source and the Curriculum Corporation.

The FNO site also identifies the sites and addresses of publishers of books and videos I have helped to produce such as the Video Journal of Education and Canter & Associates.

In June of 2005, Apple Computer co-sponsored a two day conference in Philadelphia, providing laptops for participants.

In November of 2007, Inspiration sponsored my keynote for the National Council of the Social Studies.

If I develop new clients, these will be disclosed in a timely fashion on this page as they occur.




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