From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal

Review of Beyond Technology
from the May/June issue of Book Report

McKenzie has compiled his writings from various educational journals and his online journal, From Now On. The collection is valuable to media specialists, curriculum directors, and others desiring to move the use of the Internet and other information technologies to a more advanced level. In his writing, Mckenzie draws on research about technology use in schools and other information technology models. He stresses the processes of questioning and research in developing an information literate school.

Many of the examples in the book would be useful to anyone conducting workshops on wise and effective use of information technology or instructional design. The examples are primarily directed toward the Internet but suitable for other technologies as well.

The writings are as entertaining and interesting as they are practical. If you are familiar with McKenzie's work you will recognize many of the articles, but it's a worthwhile purchase in order to have his informative writings in one book.

Highly Recommended.
Mary Alice Anderson
Media Specialist
Winona (MN) Middle School